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Our Omeka exhibits walks the user through different historical themes and questions. Centering our examination around materiality, cost, class distinction, social practices, gender and utility highlights combs’ disparate purposes.

Omeka is an open source application frequently utilized to catalog and create online, digital exhibitions. To peruse the galleries, click the links. Each object has metadata that will tell you what you need to know: Description, Date, Period, Place of Origin, Current Museum, and more.

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Along with our items and collections, we created a number of exhibits centered around different historical themes that we encountered throughout this project. Two prominent themes include materiality and functionality. The materiality exhibits about ivory and tortoiseshell and the exhibit on lice combs address these subjects.
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With over 100 different combs cataloged in Omeka, the user can browse through pages of all the combs, browse by tag (linked here), or search items for combs with particular attributes (linked here). The specific items will show you the metadata for each item. Though not exhaustive, our items attempt to provide examples from various locations and time periods.
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As a collaborative effort, each person tackled specific geographic areas. Our collections identify the group contributor, as well as a separate collection for “Arts, Prints, and Photographs” of combs and people using them.
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